Marlins get the first scare of the 2020 MLB season


Marlins get the first scare of the 2020 MLB season

The MLB 2020 season finally started, and it is definitely time for celebration for fans and bookmakers from all over the world. It has been a rough few months for global sports and bookies have taken a hit, without a doubt, but little by little, every single major sports league has been coming back and making things better for all of us who were anxiously waiting.

MLB coming back to action means great things for bookie operations all over, but in a matter of just a few days, we have found the first bump in the road, with 17 of the Florida Marlins players testing positive for Covid-19, after facing the Philadelphia Phillies over the weekend. Luckily, no Phillies players tested positive after the team conducted their own tests, but this certainly started and understandable chain reaction for games being postponed this week. In the end, Miami’s next six games were postponed by the MLB, against the Orioles and the Nationals. Yankees games against the Phillies were also postponed, “out of an abundance of precaution”, as the MLB cited.

This is, so far, the only Covid-19 detected case in Major League Baseball since the beginning of the season on July 23rd, and we certainly hope it’s the last. Many good games have been played already since Opening Day and different new rules and protocols have been implemented, that seem to be successful. Obviously, the main difference right now for anyone watching is the absence of fans in the stands, something that certainly takes some getting used to, but it has also been interesting to watch and learn how the MLB has tried to adapt and evolve into the “new normal”, to be able to resume activity.

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We already know that this 2020 MLB season will be the shortest one we’ve seen, with only 60 games scheduled per team and then extended playoffs, but don’t let this fool you into thinking you don’t need to be well prepared to handle your players’ business.

MLB was one of the most anticipated sports leagues to come back and even though many other leagues have already returned to action, this is the first major American one to do so, and this symbolizes quite a big deal for sports bettors that still doubted the possibility of sports returning this year. With just a few games played so far, MLB has already brought in good volume and earnings to sportsbooks all over the world and your operation must prepare and be ready to deal the best lines and odds for each and every game of the season.

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