5 Major Reasons Why BOVADA is the Best USA Sportsbook Over Draft Kings & Fan Duel

Bovada Sportsbook

Why Choose BOVADA over Other Popular USA Sportsbooks such as Draft Kings and Fan Duel?

Many states in the USA have passed legislation to allow sportsbooks to have physical locations in-state and accept wagers online and thru apps. That’s fantastic and has allowed so many sports bettors to ditch their bookies and start placing wagers legally with reputable licensed businesses.

Having said that, there are also a handful of reasons why placing bets with state regulated sportsbooks is still a hassle and less than ideal. It is also why we continue to promote BOVADA as being the #1 sportsbook option for ALL USA sports bettors in the states that you are allowed to place bets from using BOVADA.

The only states you cannot open an account at BOVADA from are New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware and Maryland. If you live in any of the other 45 states than you are lucky as you can legally bet on sports online and using the BOVADA mobile app.

Let’s go over some of the undeniable reasons why BOVADA continues to reign supreme over the likes of Draft Kings, Fan Duel and BetMGM as the best sportsbook option for USA citizens to bet on sports with.

5 Major Reasons Why BOVADA is the Best USA Sportsbook Over Draft Kings & Fan Duel

#1. You can place wagers outside of your state.

The #1 pet peeve we have with the state regulated sportsbooks like Draft Kings, Fan Duel and BetMGM is they restrict you from placing bets when you are out of state. Live in New York and travel to Massachusetts to visit family or for work? Sorry, you can’t login to your sportsbook app and place bets with Draft Kings or Fan Duel. How silly is that?

With BOVADA, you don’t have that problem. You can still place bets when you travel or go on a vacation to Florida, for example. How frustrating and annoying is it to not be able to place bets when you are visiting the in-laws out of state for the holidays? Yikes.

#2. You can bet on pro and college teams that are in your state.

This is another incredible failure on the parts of state legislators that restrict their own citizens from betting on the teams they know, follow and care the most about! Unbelievable. Live in Chicago? Sorry, you can’t bet on the University of Illinois, DePaul or any other college team in state.

Why? Just silly and over protective for no reason. Absolute fail. With BOVADA, you can bet on any team you like. You get treated like an adult who is wagering your own hard earned cash. How it should be.

#3. One account allows you to bet on sports, horses, play poker and casino games.

BOVADA is a one stop shop. You have a variety of betting options at your disposal with just one account. Want to bet on the NFL or NBA? No problem. How about spending a day watching and throwing down bets on horses in the racebook? You got it. Better yet, how about playing a little poker or rolling the dice with LIVE Dealers in the online casino?

BOVADA has it all. It’s why they continue to be the best betting site for USA players and have been since they opened their doors over a decade ago. BAR NONE.

#4. You can deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin, Ether and other cryptocurrency.

Can we get with the times please? Again, it’s just another reason why over legislation and red tape in the USA delays and prohibits it’s citizens from using their own hard earned money freely. What the hell is wrong with allowing in-state sportsbooks like Draft Kings or Fan Duel to give it’s customers the option to deposit or withdraw using Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?

It’s legal to do so outside of sports betting so why can’t USA citizens do it to bet? Chalk up another major reason why BOVADA is the best USA Sportsbook over Draft Kings and Fan Duel. If you love casino games, don’t miss out on BOVADA’s HUGE $3750 casino bonus when you deposit with Bitcoin.

#5. Better Deposit Bonus Offers at BOVADA.

Overall, BOVADA has much better deposit bonus offers for new customers. Sure, sometimes when a new state goes LIVE with sports betting the sportsbooks throw out big bonus offers to help land new customers. The major books in New York, for example, did this when they were allowed to start taking bets from New York residents. However, that doesn’t happen in most states and it’s usually a lowball offer when it does.

BOVADA offers fantastic deposit bonuses to new customers. Right now, you can get a 50% bonus upto $250 FREE when you open a new account and then deposit in the sportsbook.