College Football Betting: Top Ways to Promote

College Football Betting

COVID-19 has made it a complicated time in college football betting—no other way to describe it.

Where professional sports allow for a collectively bargained agreement between owner and athlete on whether to play, college programs do not have that luxury. College athletes are students; they do not get paid. Therefore, the debate on how to safely protect student-athletes in 2020 is happening at each school and conference.

That makes college football betting the most challenging sport to predict in terms of what kind of product we’ll see on the field in 2020.

That means bookies need to stay informed to promote NCAA football betting this year. Here’s the latest on what’s going down and how to encourage gridiron college betting.


NCAA COVID Update: Three Conferences In, Three Conferences Out


First, the bad news for bettors and bookies. The Big Ten, Pac-12 and Mountain West canceled until spring. That eliminates the National Championship contenders Ohio State (+325), Penn State (+3250), and Oregon (+3500).

It’s a giant blow to the Ohio State Buckeyes, who were the second choice to the Clemson Tigers based on odds to win the National Championship.

So, where do bookies go from here in promoting college football odds? The good news is the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 are forging ahead for football in the fall – NCAA football betting is far from dead. Three of the “Power Five” conferences will still be putting a product on the field, meaning futures are active, and bets will be plentiful.

College football betting has its share of superfans who are devastated that the Michigan Wolverines aren’t coming out the tunnel to “The Victors.” But ultimately, most bettors want good football matchups to bet on come Saturday. That still exists in 2020.


Fewer Teams = More Bettor Focus


There are 119 Division 1 programs in college football betting, that can make NCAA betting a daunting task. But the field has been narrowed down due to the Big Ten and Pac-12 being out of the picture. There’s no better time for bettors to get acclimated with college football.

Bookies should promote that fewer options don’t necessarily mean a lack of options on gameday. It narrows things down and helps them focus on specific teams covering the spread. For example, the Big 12 is only playing a 10-game season on September 26th, and all non-conference games will play before then. That gives any green bettor plenty of games to understand how teams in the Big 12 perform against each other before bowl games begin in December.

College football tends to force newer bettors into quick uneducated wagers based on the size of the spread and Associated Press rankings. Bettors can give quality focus to college football teams as they do in the NFL.


Promote COVID Curveballs


It’s still unknown what futures oddsmakers will bestow on Clemson. However, considering championship contender Ohio State is out of the picture, odds to win the title won’t be as lucrative as they were in late July.

Despite three big conferences opting out of the 2020 season, there are still many star players and many teams left in college football. And with no “bubble” system like the NBA, it’s almost inevitable an outbreak will occur that will affect NCAA odds.

Promote to bettors that this is the best year to make lucrative underdog picks to win it all – and to make it now. As anything can happen to a championship favorite at any time. Just like the Buckeyes.


Promote NCAA Live Betting


The unsung hero of betting during the COVID sports year is live betting. Where there is so much uncertainty from week-to-week and day-to-day live betting is a game within a game where you can wager while a matchup unfolds. There are no last-minute roster changes to worry about, no COVID infections to ruin your futures; once the game kicks you can use what you see in-game and place your bets.

Players used to endless betting options will appreciate live wagering. No, they can’t bet on 119 schools, but they can bet on hundreds of moments in one game. They’ll soon realize that live betting is not only an experience that pays dividends faster than betting on different matchups against the spread, but with proper strategy can be more lucrative overall.


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