Pay Per Head Explained

pay per head explained

The advent of per head software has created an industry where just about anyone can be a sportsbook and casino owner. 

Sure, you’ve bet on a football game or played a hand of cards at the casino here and there; but have you ever considered being a pay per head bookie, not just a player? Now might be a good time to do more than just think about it; with per head software, anyone can own a sportsbook.

These days a lot of folks are looking for ways to earn money online. From social media management to bloggers, so-called influencers, online teachers, digital marketers, customer service reps and more. 

The sportsbook industry, typically considered the realm of Las Vegas or television gangsters, is now a wide open opportunity for the everyday, average Joe who would like to make money online, while working from home. 

Here’s the best part. It’s not just an online gig; it’s also fun!

But what will people bet on when there are no pro or college sporting events? 

While it’s true that the coronavirus pandemic has caused major sports in the United States to shut down, there’s a tried and true statement about gambling that will never change: gamblers gamble

That statement should bolster the confidence of individual sportsbook operators everywhere, but especially those who work strictly online. It should also give would-be bookies the inspiration to start their own sportsbooks. 

Bookies can take comfort in the fact that even if a sports bettor’s game of choice no longer exists on the board, that bettor will find something else on which to gamble.

With that in mind, let’s discuss what pay per head is and how it can help new and existing bookies keep their businesses solvent and even grow their revenue and profit during times of crises.

Per head profits from runoff wagering.

When most people think of sportsbooks they think of sports wagering; a well rounded sports book, however, also offers eSports gambling, simulated sports wagering, a racebook for horse betting, a digital casino and live dealer. 

Most players will not only bet on sporting events; they’ll also take advantage of the entertainment offered by gambling on other competitions.

Sports betting is your bread and butter; runoff wagering is the jam. 

So, what is pay per head exactly?

Pay per head is state of the art bookie software that lets individuals run their own online sportsbook and casino. 

Most bookies have long since moved on from the days of writing wagers on a piece of paper. Some use excel or some similar application on their computer, alternately keeping an eye on ESPN and their player’s bets, but most bookies today use pay per head software

From moving lines to tracking players’ wagers, setting wager limits, and allowing access to digital casino gaming or Live Dealer, everything a bookie needs to run a fully functioning sportsbook and casino is there in your pay per head software. 

A professional website, customer service, and even pay and collect methods that can all be done online; pay per head is, essentially, a turnkey operation. 

For a nominal “per head” fee, companies like offer bookies a management interface for their online sportsbook and casino. 

What kinds of services does a bookie get with pay per head software?

Betting options

Your players should be able to bet at any time, day or night, online and on any available sport, contest, or event they wish, including eSports and simulated sports, horse racing, political contests and more. The best pay per head companies also offer access to a digital casino, a digital racebook and  a live dealer casino.

The interface your customers use to place wagers in your sportsbook and casino should be state-of-the-art, secure, and branded. 

In-game Live Wagering

If your pay per head partner is worth anything, it will offer live wagering. This feature allows players to make wagers on things that will happen during an event; not just bet on the outcome. 

In the past, the only bets that players could make on any given game had to be placed before the game started.  Once the opening whistle sounded, all bets were locked in and final.

Live wagering has changed the face of betting, keeping players in action throughout the entire game. Like traditional wagers, live bets are made on money lines, spreads, and totals, as well as prop bets. 

With TruLIve® wagering, PayPerHead® agents can: 

  • Set limits on all in-play bets
  • Monitor your player’s action
  • Offer prop bets within live-wagering
  • Agent betting notifications
  • Agent to Agent message encryption
  • Limit Leagues

Pay and Collect 

Instead of setting up a place and time to pay and collect from your customers, pay per head companies like PayPerHead® have systems in place which allow you to process financial transactions online, without ever having to leave the safety and comfort of your own home. 

Sophisticated agent payment solutions, like the one offered by PayPerHead@ aren’t just for your benefit; they also benefit players. Today it’s easier than ever to deposit online via cryptocurrency, credit card or even wire transfers like MoneGram. 

Player management

Per head companies offer excellent player management tools. Changing player limits, setting special lines for sharp bettors, keeping track of each player’s wagers; all this and more is easily accomplished through the system, including player notifications about such changes. 

Digital reporting structures

The best per head companies have digital reporting structures that allow bookies access to actionable reports. Most bookies want to increase their business’s profits. The best way to do that is to study betting statistics and player activity so they can look for growth revenue streams.


Reputable price per head organizations ensure your information and your players’ information is secure.

The cost of doing business with per head software

Basic per head services from from $9 to $11 per “head,” or player. If you wish to add services like live wagering, a live dealer casino, and a branded website, the cost can rise to $13 per head or more.

Like anything, you get what you pay for. Do your homework to be sure that you’re getting the best software with the most experience behind it to make your sportsbook a success. 

Today, some of the biggest and more robust organizations are able to do their part to help bookmakers get through this COVID-19 crisis situation by offering their services free of charge until major sporting events return.

PayPerHead® is one such organization. Check out what they are doing for bookies in response to the covid-19 pandemic. Contact PayPerHead® 24-7  on chat or call us at 800-605-4767 to find out more and get started.