Raptors Give Kawhi Leonard His Championship Ring

pphRaptors Give Kawhi Leonard His Championship Ring


Fun Guy got his ring. Kawhi Leonard and the Los Angeles Clippers visited the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night and he received his second NBA Championship ring.


Leonard returned to Toronto for the first time since helping the Raptors win their first NBA Championship last season and while the city had many tributes for him, he didn’t expect much from the fans. This is what he told Bleacher Report:


“I mean there will be some cheers, but definitely, I think more boos because they want to win the game. They’re not going to be cheering for a player that’s on the opposing team. They’re still rooting for the Raptors.”


Kawhi Leonard was congratulated and given his championship ring before the game. While getting called out to the court the jumbotron read: “Board Man Gets His Ring.” Kyle Lowry gave the ring to Leonard as the crowd roared with cheers.


The Clippers took care of business against the defending NBA Champions, winning the game 112-92. Leonard had 23 points, six assists and five rebounds. The Raptors double-teamed him from the start of the game and he had some trouble scoring early but he still had a decent showing.



Odds to Win the NBA Championship


Los Angeles Lakers +300


Los Angeles Clippers +310


Milwaukee Bucks +425


Philadelphia 76ers +775


Houston Rockets +1000


Utah Jazz +2200


Dallas Mavericks +2350


Boston Celtics +2500


Miami Heat +2650


Denver Nuggets +3300


Toronto Raptors +3750


Indiana Pacers +5250


Brooklyn Nets +5650


Portland Trail Blazers +8000


San Antonio Spurs +10000


Minnesota Timberwolves +12500


Orlando Magic +15000


New Orleans Pelicans +17500


Phoenix Suns +20000


Sacramento Kings +22500


Oklahoma City Thunder +25000


Detroit Pistons +27500


Golden State Warriors +30000


Atlanta Hawks +32500


Chicago Bulls +35000


Washington Wizards +40000


Memphis Grizzlies +50000


Charlotte Hornets +65000


Cleveland Cavaliers +75000


New York Knicks +100000


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