How to Earn a Consistent Profit from Gaming 

pphGaming is a multi-billion dollar industry that independent bookies from across the United States are scooping up. Local bookies from Brooklyn, to Chicago, Boston to Miami, Atlanta to San Diego, LA, to Seattle, and all points in between; these local bookies have figured out how to make the most of a monetary windfall. Now, the choice is yours. Do you want in on the billions of dollars that flow every year? Of course, you do. The question is, how to do it? You do it very simply and we can tell you exactly how to find the art of turning consistent profits from gaming. You can do this; the process is simple, and it doesn’t require working 100 hours per week! Buckle up and learn with us how to start seeing big profits as a bookie.


  •       Get Online Now: Stop screwing around like a local bookie! Look, we don’t mean to sound disparaging, we have all been right where you are, we have walked in your shoes as bookies and we have all been gamblers at some point in time. We get it, we can empathize with you. Here is the problem – local bookies are spinning their wheels in their local environment by not having an online presence. Why do we say this? For one reason – Competition. The competition is fierce and it’s everywhere. As the old saying goes “if you can’t beat em, join em”. We have come to a point that we have finally had to admit that we can’t “beat em”. If you want to keep up with the online competition, you must have an online presence. Your clients want to gamble on sports, gamble in the racebook and gamble in the casino on their time, not yours. They want to gamble 24/7 and if you are not offering them this opportunity, they will find it somewhere. Now you can offer this with the use of a pay per head.


  •         The pay per head is the online sportsbook. The bookie software they offer to you, the bookie, gives you a custom-built website and puts you online within a day or less. The PPH providers have built a bookie software system that operates every aspect of your daily bookie responsibilities.


  •         You do not need the ability to program, code, or site build. All of this is done for you. You do not need to be a marketing expert for one reason – you are catering to the clients you already have. It’s your goal to keep them in the fold and stop them from using the competition when you are not available to answer their phone call at 3:00 AM and take their bet.


  •         The PPH sets all of the daily sporting events, the daily horse events, as well as calibrates the casino to earn you big profits. You get everything in a turnkey package for one low PPH fee.


  •         The PPH fee is moderate and affordable. The best PPH providers charge around $7-$10- depending on the level of service you choose. Now, every bookie across the United States can afford a PPH.



  •         The PPH sets all of the daily lines and odds, they accept all wagers either over the phone (a toll-free hotline that’s accessible from the USA with gaming knowledgeable agents that speak English) or online by logging into the account on you online sportsbook – the one that the PPH created for you.


  •     You are in complete control. Should you choose to change the spread of any event or the line, you may do so. This is your website and it’s exclusive to you the bookmaker and your clients.


Stop schlepping around and beating your head against the proverbial wall. This is simply exhausting and it’s not earning you a six-figure income. You can earn a six-figure income as a bookie, but you won’t do it without the use of a pay per head.


There has never been a better time than now to get in on the ground floor with a fantastic pay per head. The price is right, and the time is right to find a free trial offer and see for yourself how it all works. Call the PPH and start earning what your worth, it’s free for the first month.

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