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NFL PicksFootball Betting – NFL Game Props

There is a time and place for the money line, the spread and the totals, however, if you want to win a pile of money and expand your possibilities, then you must make the most of what your online sports bookie is offering. The best bookies on the net are offering fantastic game props and if you play your cards right and do a little research, you can win these bets. Often, game props are a much better deal than the actual spread or the money line. Let’s face the facts, we can certainly gather a pile of what we hope to be great information about each team as well as stats. The stats don’t lie, but you must stack up the stats of one opponent against another and then make your best guess. This can be dangerous and thus making a gamble, really a very big gamble indeed. 

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A few Popular Game props—

Longest Touchdown: Knowing the quarterbacks is the key to winning this bet. When placing this bet make sure that the two teams come with a decent offense, to begin with, and double-check the stat line on each quarterback. Know who you are betting on. The offer will come in the way of yards – Team A will offer a 30-yard touchdown, 40-yard, 50-yard and so forth. Team B will offer the same (opposing wager) Which quarterback will throw the longest touchdown.

Longest Field Goal: Most any football game from week to week will offer the longest field goal as a game prop and with good cause, there will most certainly be at least two field goals. The bet is exactly as it sounds – which team will kick the longest field goal in the game. You pick the side. 

Shortest Field Goal: The same scenario as the longest field goal, only this time you are picking the shortest field goal of the game and who it will be kicked by.

Total Sacks by Both Teams: This is a total line on the number of sacks by both teams combined. When playing top-ranked teams such as Clemson or Alabama, LSU, Texas Michigan, and others, this bet can be highly lucrative. The trick is to pick two defensive-minded teams and pick teams that you know will most-likely blow another team out. 

Alternative Point Spreads: This is a prop bet that offers you an inflated wager. This can be a great bet if you know the team’s capability very well. Suppose you have Clemson playing Syracuse and the point spread is Clemson -17.5. Possibly you like Clemson to beat the spread and you like it enough to lay even more points. The alternative line will offer exactly that. The spread will be inflated as will the money. The more points you lay, the more you get paid. 

Football Betting – NFL Football Game Props, How and Why to Bet Them.

The above wagering options are a great option for betting a game that you may be unsure of when it comes to the money line, point spread, or total. There are many more options available with your online bookmaker and these few that are listed above is simply a sampling. Check your bookie’s website and find the best odds on game props.