Become a Bookie while in College and Graduate Debt Free

Operating a pay per head, online bookie service is an inexpensive way to pay for college. It’s not only a way to pay for college but a way to make a seriously great income while attending. No matter what part of the country you may be from there is one fact that nobody can escape; college students love to gamble on sports and just love to gamble in general. If you offer a bookie service, you will have clients crashing your gates and you will make money. You have the potential to earn big money, but you must be dialed into the right PPH provider. We have reviewed many PPH providers and we have come up with a few that make the cut for an all-around great experience. One that stands out above the crowd would be This group charges a fair price and they do everything for you. They literally take on the job of a bookie and perform your daily tasks. You basically have to do nothing beyond recruiting players.

Bookie Must Have’s—

  • An online presence with a great mobile app: In this day and age, you can’t get ahead on any level, under any circumstance without an online presence. Your players want to play 24/7 and you don’t want to be bothered 24/7. You are a college student and what should come first for you is grades. You can balance an online sportsbook with your college work if you let a management service do all of the work. 
  • The pay per head provider sets up your website and they customize it for you and your clients. You are not required to touch anything. You do not have to site build or have programming experience. You are not building a website for Google. The goal here is to take care of your existing clients and if you do this well; word of mouth spreads quickly and your client base will grow. Do not start a bookie business with even a handful of clients without an online presence. 
  • A pay per head provides more than simply an online sportsbook. They also provide an online casino and racebook. You want both. Gamblers love to gamble, and they will gamble on anything if it’s provided for them. You must be the provider. The casino is a cash cow for one reason; the house nearly always wins. This is simply a fact and by offering a great casino, you are keeping clients in the door. Sports gamblers get bored, there is a lot of downtimes and they want to gamble on other things. If you offer them a Las Vegas-style casino, they are sure to gamble with you. If you don’t offer it, they will for sure run off to the competition. 
  • Lines and Odds: You are probably not an experienced oddsmaker, nobody expects you to be, however, if you are going to open a bookie service with even one player, you are going to have to know what odds to set on what events. You need to be an experienced line  mover/oddsmaker in order for your bookie business to make a decent profit. How do you get around this? The PPH provider sets all of the daily lines and odds for you. They set up all of the daily sporting events according to what you are choosing to offer. You certainly don’t have to offer every sport and you absolutely don’t have to offer every wager possible.
  • You will be much better off to limit the number of sports that you do offer in the early goings of your online sportsbook. You certainly want to offer enough that it keeps the interest of your clients, but you don’t want to be overwhelmed with too many offerings to start out with. You should absolutely offer the NFL, NCAA Football /Basketball, MLB, NHL, and the NBA. The secondary sports would be soccer, Tennis and possibly golf. Anything else, you should probably wait until you have a good feel for how lines and odds work and how they work within certain sports.

The busy season is here, make the most of it and jump in with a pay per head such as These folks are a proven winner in the PPH industry and have a fantastic reputation for honesty along with legendary customer service. Call them and ask for a free trial and have your clients playing within a day. Start making big money and pay your tuition.


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