Ranking Top Rated Handicappers

Ranking Top Rated Handicappers

Key Points

– The best handicappers in the business exhibit a few simple traits – solid winning percentage, transparent, and trustworthy.

– Handicappers that are transparent about their records are ones you can trust.

Ranking Top Rated Handicappers

Bettors looking to up their game can always turn to professionals. It truly is difficult to win regularly at online sportsbooks. Pro sports handicappers offer their services to bettors of all levels. 

But, how do you determine which professional cappers are the best? What should you look for when thinking about buying sports picks?

There is an easy way to do it and it involves keeping things simple and ranking top rated handicappers in a couple of different categories.

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Winning Percentage

The bottom line is when choosing a handicapper you simply want to win more. Handicappers that have higher winning percentages would be the ones you would typically want. 

Now, just because a sports handicapper or handicapping service has a high winning percentage doesn’t automatically mean you choose it. 

Most handicappers have just a few sports that they specialize in. Look for winning percentages by sport. If you like betting on the NFL, find a handicapper with a solid NFL winning percentage. 

Be wary of those who tout winning percentages over 60 percent. Either their sample size isn’t very large or something isn’t right. The best handicappers in this business will win roughly 55 to 60 percent of the time.

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Social Media Presence

The best handicappers in the business now take their games to social media. The best cappers in the business post frequently on sites like Twitter, Instagram, and lately Telegram. 

Bettors can gather all kinds of information about a handicapper by following the various social media accounts. You can read bios on Twitter, for example. You can also read through posts to get an idea of how others view the handicapper.

Twitter also verifies accounts, so you’ll know whether or not a handicapper is legitimate. Bettors can also compare what a handicapper posts on his social media accounts to what is posted on the capper’s website. 

Of course, the top rated handicappers in the industry are all about transparency. What you find on social media is what you find on the website. The top rated cappers are the best in the business for a reason – they can be trusted to provide their clients with truthful, accurate information.

Quality Picks

Bettors looking for a top rated handicapper should make sure they are getting quality betting tips. They shouldn’t be paying for bad information.

It all starts with transparency. The best in the business will tell you that they do not win all the time. There is no magic formula that helps any bettor win all the time. 

What professional handicappers do have though is the time and resources to put into studying various games and events. The best in the industry offer useful insight and have a track record of doing so.

When you want to find the top rated handicappers, start with the ones that have a great winning percentage – but not too great that it raises a red flag – and have a history of transparency. Finding cappers that fit this mold will result in quality picks and a boost to your bottom line.