How to be a bookie in college


How to be a bookie in college

There is never a bad time to become a bookie. Keep that in mind, and if you ever wanted to go into the sports betting business, then know that you can always do it, and you will always have a good chance of success, even more now, with the help of Price per Head and all that this industry has to offer.

However, as exciting, and profitable it is, at any point of your life, there is one stage where we just have to be honest, it’s a lot more fun, you have a great chance of success because of the many people you are surrounded by, and have interaction with, and it’s also a business that you can manage and run around your other responsibilities, and it’s college. Being a bookmaker in college will open up many doors, and bring you good profit, but the best part of all this is that Price per Head, and good PPH operators like will be right there with you along the entire way, making sure you make the most out of it, and that you are able to go through your college years smoothly.

Why is college a good time to become a bookie?

Sports in general are always popular and followed throughout the entire world, and young people are usually very enthusiastic about it, very loyal to their teams, they are eager for fun and adventure, they go out to watch games with friends constantly, or go to the stadium. On top of this, we all know how much money moves around college sports in sports betting, so all this combined is the perfect recipe for you to be taking action, and offering your friends and classmates a good, solid sportsbook platform where they can safely and easily bet on their favorite teams.

On the other hand, money is always a topic in our college years, we all know that, and if we can make a bit more of it, then it’s always welcome. Now, only with the help of Price per Head and services like will you be able to start and operate a world-class, successful sportsbook for just a few hundred dollars invested, and this is, of course, another huge factor why becoming a bookie in college is such a great investment.

How much does it cost to run a PPH bookie operation?

Let’s just put it like this, you will only pay a small weekly fee per active customer, which is the best news you will read all day today. And to put it in numbers, here at A1 PPH you will pay a fee of $7 or less per active customer, with means that, in the case you have 10 active customers this week, then the most you will have to pay for your entire operational cost is $70, if you have 20 players, then it will be $140, if no one plays during the week, then you won’t have to pay a single cent to us that week.

Good enough? There is a lot we can do for you right now! Give us a call and let’s work together towards making your bookie dream come true!